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Tech is a great place to work, whatever your gender and whatever your professional interest. From coding to HR, from sales & marketing to project management, there are so many potential career paths available. In this space, we will share as many stories of women successfully carving their own paths and defining their own success and of all those who value working in diverse teams where capability and collaboration is what counts.

And if you're in tech, why not share your story too.

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Why it's good to be a misfit in tech industry

Dr Anastasia Dedyukhina, Founder Consciously Digital

"Here’s my story of a non-techie ‘misfit’ who now talks at major tech conferences around the world on tech impact and ethical tech design.

IT certainly wasn't the career I thought would be for me...

Cathy Jukes, Associate Director IT Projects & Programmes, NHS South, Central & West

"How I came to lead a 40 strong team of professional IT programme and project managers and a multi-million £ portfolio for the NHS..."

Is there an opportunity for me in tech?

Melanie Foster, MD Harness Marketing

From the perspective of two different tech careers, past and present, "the opportunties are endless"

#NotJustAMum - 4 tips when returning to work

Stacey Howard, CCO Dragonfly

Tips and experiences for maintaining a rewarding and senior level tech career with parenthood

Be a talented individual - part 2

Anna Britnor Guest, MD Alate Business Growth

From grad trainee to company MD and founder of TechRoleModels, leassons learned from 30 years in tech.

A follow up to Be a talented individual not a woman in STEM

Kissed a few frogs before finding my niche

Berni Maguire, Head of Marketing, Nouveau Solutions

"After 20+ years working in IT Marketing what still excites me is that technology really does make a difference to the daily lives of people and companies"

I’m as strong as the network supporting me and as enlightened as the mentors advising me

Julia Moiseeva, Director, CLaaS

Top 10 (career highlights) over 20 (years in the industry) "I want to spark a contemplation of the possibilities! "

Go and conquer that place!

Vero Estrada-Galiñanes, Postdoctoral Fellow at University of Stavanger

"There is a big need of tech everywhere" - in a career journey spanning several continents, cultures and sectors "doors open when you work hard not because you are a woman or a man"

You Can Make A Difference Working With Technology

Rebecca Kimber, MD, Create

How a childhood interest in computers has led to transforming website development for small businesses.

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