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Tech role models is an open, inclusive space to share and find positive stories of women in tech.

All levels, all roles, all functions, all countries.

We launched on 20th May 2019 with a focus to balance the negative stereotypes about it being hard to be a woman in tech and share stories of women carving their own positive paths and thriving in the tech sector and men who value the diverse teams they work with.

Share your story of being a woman in tech, share your story of working in a diverse tech community or find inspiration from the stories shared.

We'll add featured stories here  - and follow #TechRoleModels on social media for updates and all our amazing stories.

We're encouraging as many women as possible to share their positive stories about their career in the tech sector - long or short, any level, any function, any role. Your story counts!

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We believe in being inclusive. We invite everyone to share their story of working in a diverse tech world.

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